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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Undercoverblackman Joins Yacub 7 Ali Sun Worship movement -


Has Undercoverblackman David Mills, alleged Jeuger Niglery provacateur, abandoned his supposed puppeteer's Discordian Misheif Crusade and taken vows with the neo redical ultra liberal anti white New Negro Sun Worship movement of the lunatic spiritual leader Yacub 7 Ali. Sources close to UBM's camp indicate the two time Grammy winner, David Mills (UBM), recently traveled to the group's Chicago mosque to, initially, interview Yacub 7 but ended up taking oaths and participating in the rituals to join.

Mills, a once outspoken critic of Yacub 7, who recently engaged in a blog wars on Yacub 7 Ali topic with independent journalist Nicholas Stix and a name slugging match with anti black poverty crusader, St. Nicolas Thief, has, in his current digital postings, distanced himself from his initial anti Yacub 7 Ali position. I tracked his digital footprints to a pro black forum where he engages with a dubious pro Yacub 7 Ali cult member in a virtual debate. I've edited it for conciseness; but the main details are below:

His name is Yacub 7 Ali. He announced the 1st National Curfew for Whytes will begin June 21st, 2007 - the 1st day of Summer. Whytes across the nation (supremacist, nationalist, liberals & conservatives) express fear and anger at the prophet & scientist's Yacub 7 Ali teachings. They seek to disprove them as untrue and a hoax, but don't have the research to discredit.

The Center for Disease Control IS recomending whites wear additional sun screen around blacks and people of color they fear are Yacub 7 Ali Sun Worshipers. In advance of the National Curfew, yesterday, Ali's group, in hopes of promoting the science to non black sun worshipers who want to learn the science and participate in regulating whytes when the curfew starts, published "How to Give Whites Skin Cancers."

I am a Yacub 7 Ali Sun Worshiper who practices aggressively absorbing and radiating ultraviolet light onto the skin of whytes giving them carcinomas, sarcomas & melanomas. Read my experience of setting a whyte woman on fire, last week, while riding the bus.

The Yacub 7 Ali organization is actively hiring scientists for research and product development. Requirements include experience in dermatology and environmental science. email:

There will be a promotion when the National Curfew begins offering participants 1 penny for each whyte person they spblotchen (give skin cncer to) or try to spblotchen. Yacub 7 does not promote worshipping publicly before whytes or acknowledging that you are a sun worshipper. They are not suppose to know who you are or identify anyone for spblotchening them. I burn whytes at work, on the bus and in school (college).

Although the CDC is refusing to report it, for fear of spreading the panic, since introducing the science, the national skin cancer rate surged in the last quarter of 2006 and the first quarter of 2007. Support the movement.

"And then there was Bigger #4, whose only law was death," Richard Wright (Native Son). Join or support. Last edited by biggerthomasjr : 05-30-2007 at 02:24 AM. biggerthomasjr View Public Profile Send email to biggerthomasjr

David Mills:
"... Greetings, Destee. I’m afraid “biggerthomasjr” is trying to use this forum to spread an Internet hoax. Please do a Google search for “Yacub 7 Ali hoax” and read what I’ve written about this the past couple of weeks on my blog.

OldSoul is correct: “Bigger Thomas Jr.” and “Kirkland Perkins” and “Waldorf Carathers” (as well as “Christopher Felon” and “St. Nicolas Thief” and “Chicken George” and “Shakespeare Johnson” and many others) are all names used by whoever’s behind this hoax.

It began with the creation of the “Svengali Media” website last November. Since then, a few other websites were launched through the same IP address (jewelryn*;; Then a number of blogs were set up (one apiece on services such as Blogger, Wordpress, Digg and Reddit) to drive traffic to those sites.

The hoaxster also set up one MySpace page and one Facebook page. No friends, no photos. Just links to the Svengali Media/Yacub 7 Ali sites.

In April, he set up an account on Yahoo! Answers under the name “jewelryn*gger,” just to post questions that included links to

Why is someone going to all this trouble? The purpose of this hoax seems to be to convince white people (gullible white people) that there’s a black group on the Web devoted to celebrating the murders of white people by black criminals.

This is a bad guy, trying to stir up trouble by making black people look evil. That’s why I’m surprised to see him posting in a black forum. For months he’s been posting in largely white forums, including a neo-Nazi forum, capitalizing on white people’s outrage over the murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom in Knoxville.

Sorry to lay so much on you, Destee… but you had a feeling already, from his cross-posting, that this guy was “spamming” you. He’s doing more than that. He’s trolling, and he’s scamming. David Mills

Destee (Forum Administrator):
David Mills ... Hello and Welcome ... I did visit your site, and read the information you had there. Though i'm not really sure what's going on, i'm glad you've joined to shed more light on the situation. Since BiggerThomasJr is here, a Member, maybe he'll respond to your allegations. BiggerThomasJr ... what say you? ... Are you using us (this forum) to spread hate and lies? Destee

Consider the source is the Undercoverblackman Quote: Originally Posted by Destee David Mills ... Hello and Welcome ... I did visit your site, and read the information you had there. Though i'm not really sure what's going on, i'm glad you've joined to shed more light on the situation. Since BiggerThomasJr is here, a Member, maybe he'll respond to your allegations. BiggerThomasJr ... what say you? ... Are you using us (this forum) to spread hate and lies? Destee

Hate & Lies? Nope: Love & Truth. Hi Destee, nope my membership here is only to inform and educate blacks of Yacub 7 Ali's new science. Blacks maintain the ability to direct ultraviolet light. While Yacub 7 Ali has demonstrated this to some, the science is intellectually discernable by all. NOTE: David Mills is not discussing the science as it relates to melanin and ultraviolet light. He's not doing this because he can't. He doesn't know anything melanin or ultraviolet light. The science is simple, logical and prove(able). Eumelanin is abundant and absorbed in the skin, hair and eyes of blacks. Yacub 7's science teaches blacks another aspect of this equation: how to direct that which has been absorbed. I personally think it is one of the greatest discoveries of our time. Other than the fact that he's not black yet presents himself as a vanguard of black causes, I am not sure what David Mills' obsession calling this man's religion and beliefs a hoax. Last edited by biggerthomasjr

David Mills:
In the first place, I'm black... ... though you can't really tell from this picture. Secondly, if you really want to know what "Bigger Thomas, Jr." and the whole Yacub 7 Ali thing are all about, check out this neo-Nazi discussion board from mid-April, when "Bigger" showed up to instigate... David Mills

David and Bigger ... it looks like the two of you are able to dialogue together in the best of manners ... such a blessing!

I'm happy to see it happening here. Maybe you all can get to the bottom of your disagreements, and become friends.

Bigger ... i'd like to ask you ... why are the powers of the Yacub 7 Ali New Negro Sun Worship Movement being used to burn white people, instead of feeding, clothing, and sheltering starving Black Babies? There is so much that Black People need in the world, seems the power could be used to lift us up, instead of tearing others down. Is that possible? Can the energies be focused in whatever direction, those who have them, want them to go?

Thanks in advance.


I read your question this morning and have struggled with answering it throughout the day. The struggle is a result of seeing the sincere love (for people & life) & beauty with which it was asked and wanting to respond accordingly.


why are the powers of the Yacub 7 Ali New Negro Sun Worship Movement being used to burn white people, instead of feeding, clothing, and sheltering starving Black Babies?

Destee, they are not the powers of Yacub 7 Ali. They are a natural part of who we (blacks) are. While I have read that Yacub 7 has mastered other abilities, namely healing people (even white people with sincere hearts) and manipulating objects, the most immediate use imitates what they (ultraviolet rays) actually do in nature - burn white people. Yacub 7's discoveries of them in the other areas mentioned (healing and object manipulation), I read only came after near a decade of study (mastery).


There is so much that Black People need in the world, seems the power could be used to lift us up, instead of tearing others down. Is that possible? Can the energies be focused in whatever direction, those who have them, want them to go?

This is Yacub 7 rhetoric (that I agree with): Nature, God, the Universive, Karma or whatever force or non-force one wants to attribute it to is responsible for the ironic 'thing' that is happening to white people in sun light.

Moreso than this, Destee, the combination of eumelanin + ultraviolet light thru the 3rd eye - which Yacub 7 teaches and I found true (from experience and practice) is accessed when the vision of the eyes meet at the point where they cross - is an uncharted realm in which energies can be focused in whatever direction those who have them want them to go, atleast that is a mastery I think will eventually be learned.


I'm receiving an update as I type about the Undercoverblackman / Yacub 7 Ali interview and will update asap.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Media vampire Jeuger Niglery reaps financial harvest via Yacub 7 Ali Melanoma Campaign Against Whites

Here's what I do know, no matter how much denial there is, (remember I told you here first) black people can intentionally give white people skin cancers; and, there is a deliberate state sponsored misinformation campaign to keep whites misinformed about the validity of Yacub 7's new science.

Via Niglery's publishing vehicles, it was Svengalimedia journalist Waldorf Caruthers who first brought the Yacub 7 Ali new Negro Sun Worship movement into the public's awareness. CARUTHERS WAS ON ASSIGNMENT TO DO THIS.

Jeuger Niglery's funding of Yacub 7's movement, I have discovered, is two fold. The New Negro Sun Worship movement is a ultra liberal neo radical pro black anti white splinter cult whose roots are in the Nation of Islam & Black Panthers. Through social systems like welfare, they believe in draining the economy and an intentional over reliance on whites and government hand outs.

Over the last 5-7 years, much of their financial support cane from Niglery. In essense, Niglery provided this cult the financial means to cultivate. Hence, his first fold came to fruition.

His second fold , however, is classic Jeuger Niglery media/society manipulation and reveals his shamelessness: he's invested heavily companies that manufacture skin cancer products and corporations that sell them.

As of this press, I have learned he has already (3 days before the start of Yacub 7 Ali's National Curfew for Whites begun reaping significant rewards from his investments. I hope to have some figures for you soon.

In the interim, fair skin people (of which I am one) should take all skin cancer threats seriously. Recently a collegue of mine, Diana Clarke, published the following article, Melanin: Aging of the Skin and Skin Cancer.

"Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is responsible for 90% of the visible signs of aging on the skin of whites," says Dr. Michael J. Martin, former Assistant Clinical Professor in the Dept. of Epidemiology and Biostatistics at University of California, San Francisco.
Blacks' skin, however, ages much slower.

Why are most dark-skinned people protected from harmful UV rays? Because compared to whites, blacks possess more melanin, the pigment that gives skin its color.
Melanin offers protection against UV rays for blacks and other dark-skinned people. Conversely, fair-skinned people are much less protected and more susceptible to skin cancer. Furthermore, albinos' skin offers no protection.

Although blacks' skin produces more melanin than whites', all skin has the same number of melanocytes, the cells that manufacture the melanin.
Melanocytes manufacture melanin from an amino acid, tyrosin, with the help of an enzyme, tyrosinase. In the bottom layer of the epidermis above the dermis, UV light stimulates the production of melanin in the form of insoluble melanosomes. These surround the epidermal cells, which move up to the surface of the skin. The result is a tan.
Blacks' skin produce more melanin, even in the absence of sunlight, and their type of melanin, eumelanin, is more effective at blocking solar rays. However, white skin produces melanin only in the presence of sunlight and after the UV rays have penetrated the lower portion of the epidermis and have caused skin damage.
"Melanin also functions as an excellent free radical scavenger. It affects the delicately designed lipids that hold moisture in the stratum corneum (the outermost layer of the epidermis). If the skin loses its moisture, it becomes rigid and cracks," says Sergio Nacht, PhD., Senior Vice-President of Enhanced Derm Technologies, Inc. in Redwood City.
UV Radiation and Skin
UV-A has the longest wavelength, is not filtered by the ozone and passes through glass. It reaches the earth all year long and the amount is comparatively stable. It can penetrate the skin down to the dermis, beneath the four layers of epidermis. It is responsible for most of the visible signs of aging, due to damage to collagen and elastic fibers of the connective tissue of the dermis.

UV-A radiation also plays a role in the development of sunburns and skin cancer. Tanning salon lamps emit a large amount of UV-A rays to generate tans, so the American Academy of Dermatology does not recommend their use.
UV-B radiation, which is partially filtered by the ozone, penetrates the skin to the bottom layer of the epidermis where the basal cells are produced. UV-B can break the molecular bonds, disturbing the dividing cells and altering their structure. Compared with UV-A, UV-B is responsible for most of DNAs damage. It also causes most sunburns. During a sunburn the reddening of the skin, erythema, is caused by dilation of capillaries.
More UV-B is present during summer months between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. and at latitudes closer to the equator. Furthermore, at high altitudes the air is thinner and cleaner, so UV-B radiation is more abundant.
UV-C, which is generally filtered by the ozone, has the shortest wavelength and the most energy, or intensity. It can sterilize hospital equipment and kill bacteria.
In addition, UV light that reaches the earth is scattered in all directions, and up to 85% is reflected from surfaces.
The Theory of Melanin for Environmental Adaptation

Originally, people of a particular race resided in a particular area. As time went on, their skin adapted to the environment. For instance, people who lived geographically close to the equator had darker skin, and people who lived far from the equator had lighter skin.
In Scotland, which lies at a northern latitude, descendants of the Britons have white skin. When their skin is exposed to the meager sunlight, the scant amount of melanin their skin produces is unable to block the sunlight. Therefore, their bodies are able to make Vitamin D with the help of sunlight. Vitamin D, a vitamin found in fish oil, is necessary to prevent rickets, a bone disease caused by too little calcium.
In contrast, in Africa, which is near the equator, blacks require intense sunlight to penetrate their dark skin to make Vitamin D. This is all well and good. However, when blacks lived in England during the Industrial Revolution, they were the first to develop symptoms of rickets, such as retarded growth, bowed legs and fractures because not enough sunlight was available.
Fortunately, in 1930, Vitamin D was discovered and dispensed as a supplement to add to the diet.
On the other hand, the skin of whites in Australia are in complete opposition to their climate. Consequently, intense UV radiation has been the major cause of skin damage and skin cancer Down Under.
About The Author: Diana Clarke is a teacher, freelance writer and founder of The Sun and Your Skin, a website on life and light at
Her daughter was recently diagnosed with Hodgkins
Lymphoma and started Chemo on November 6.

Some Skin Cancer Facts
More than 1 million cases of skin cancer are diagnosed in the U.S. each year and approximately 10,000
people died from skin cancer in this year alone. Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer. Skin cancer is almost 100% curable when caught in the early stages.

A skin growth or irritation that won't heal
Changes in a wart or mole such as:

a) color
b) size rapidly increases
c) irregular edges
d) becomes scaly, worn down, ooze, bleed, or becomes crusted
e) skin around mole becomes red or swollen
f) itch, tickle or burn

g) pieces of skin may become too soft and break off (friability).
Who Is At Risk?
Your risk of developing skin cancer increases if you:

are fair skinned
freckle easily

have had frequent, severe sunburns

Skin cancer screening is simple, taking only minutes. An image is taken of the pigmented lession or area of
your body you are concerned about, and then a physician assesses the image and determines whether the suspected area is "suspicious" or
"not suspicious" and treatment, if needed, can begin.

Take related nursing CE course and earn 3 contact hours of
CE credit now:
Melanoma: Paying the Price for Worshipping the Sun

Monday, June 4, 2007

exposed: UnderCoverBlackman David Mills a Svengalimedia Provocateur

Arthur Marshall

Why would someone who purports to be 'on the side of blacks' not want Yacub 7 Ali to exist?
UCB, David Mills, is another of reclusive media vampire Jeuger Niglery's puppets.

I'm finding that Mills, is quite possible the first identifiable writer within Niglery's cirle of Spinster Writers; and, that he is a part of Niglery's strategy of pushing Svengalimedia & the new Negro Sun Worship religion of Yacub 7 Ali into the realm of Urban Mythology.

I have information noting Niglery and Yacub 7 have met several times over the last two years mapping this strategy and that David Mills is a contracted, key player in their propaganda and propagation.

That's right, the UCB and his efforts to make the Web public to believe Svengali & the Sun Worship movement are hoaxes are by design and; Mills is part of Niglery's plot.

With the Svengalimedia and Yacub 7 Ali sites having disappeared, it appears Mills has accomplished his role in Niglery's script.

Mills' role didn't go unchallenged. His most formidable opponent surfaced in dissident journalist Nicholas Stix voice.

IMO Stix, whose writings are not under the Niglery hand, is only tapping the Svengalimedia / Yacub 7 Ali surface .

Why was Mills chosen? The summary of Mills, by Stix, below answers that question.

I have to admit that I am amazed – though not in a good way – by Mills’ ability to make baseless, hysterical charges against people, and cause other people to jump at his command.

Now, if I were to act like David Mills and started throwing hunches against the wall like hot spaghetti, to see what will stick, I’d wonder whether a certain race-obsessed, biracial, two-time Emmy Award-winning TV writer with too much time on his hands might be creating a hoax, just so he could sell a script about it.

After all, aren’t Hollywood types always finding neo-Nazis and Klansmen under their beds?

Say, a pilot – he’s been trying to sell another one for years – about an independently wealthy Internet sleuth who spends his time uncovering hoaxes.

Call it, Web of Deceit, or some equally melodramatic pun.

Indeed, Mills' last three posts on Svengali & Yacub 7 were designed to sensationalize them and burn them into Internet's psyche as an unaswerable open-ended ended question.

Too, Mills may be in an agreement with Niglery to produce a script for a forecoming documentary I have become aware of.

Below, Stix addresses Mills comments.

Personally, I have never come across a white supremacist with this sort of literary talent. The Svengali sites have several different writers or at least authorial names, writing in several different styles and levels of literacy. If you check out sites like vnnforum or stormfront, you will find people of decidedly limited capacity.

Even without the inside information I've attained, Niglery's role for Mills becomes easy to see at times.

Mills only evidence to support his claim appears on as a subheader on an forum reading: Svengalimedia ... cynical humor ... more cynical than humorous.

A thorough investigation by Mills would have found the reference is only a definition of Trilby's Svengali character.

In Mills' new masthead for his Website, a fist balled, he appears as if celebrating black radicals from the 1960's.

Every black person I've spoken to and interviewed about the Yacub 7 Ali movement, while claiming not to know of it (REMEMBER: THEY ARE NOT SUPPOSE TO ACKNOWLEDGE IT PUBLICLY) fancy the idea. This brings to light the most obvious question: Why would someone who purports to be 'on the side of blacks' not want Yacub 7 Ali to exist?

At the cusp of the Yacub 7 Ali National Curfew for Whites and at a time when the general public needs to know the truth the most: blacks with the ability to redirect ultraviolet light walk among us, Mills has succesfully led the Lamb for the Slaughter leaving the public in a state of uncertainty.

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Friday, May 25, 2007

Svengalimedia Exposed: Internet Poison & Media Vampires


Svengalimedia may prove to be the greatest example of what's wrong with the Internet. It provides ingeniously dubious people with mad agendas and movements access to a virtually limitless propaganda vehicle.

Such is the case, for example, with Svengalimedia brand and the sites it hosts and publishes.

While Americans slept on creating ethical standards for Internet Appropriate Content, the Svengalimedia sensation birthed its media products and quickly advanced to the timeless & ingeniously creative realm of urban mythology.


Svengali is the name of a fictional hypnotist in George du Maurier's 1894 novel, Trilby. A sensation in its day, the novel created a stereotype of the abusive hypnotist that persists to this day. The character was portrayed by John Barrymore in a 1931 film by the same name.

The word "Svengali" has entered the language meaning a person who, with evil intent, manipulates another into doing what is desired. The character

He "would either fawn or bully, and could be grossly impertinent. He had a kind of cynical humor, which was more offensive than amusing, and always laughed at the wrong thing, at the wrong time, in the wrong place. And his laughter was always derisive and full of malice."


"Recluse media magnet, Jeuger Niglery is the single and private owner of the Svengalimedia group; and it is within a subset of his Niglery's media group," Internet & media researcher David Weiffen said. "Niglery's an insane genious and those are the traits that cloaked in anonymity and very succesful.

"Make no mistake about it, Niglery's hand has always been in the Svengalimedia mix, but his name has never been associated with it.

Niglery, whose photo has never been taken, is often called by associates who dare to speak his name aloud as a media vampire.


Niglery's strategy of publishing niche opinions & news and appealing to corner markets finds his media publishing ideas and movements like Yacub 7 Ali that most hope would never make the American mainstream.

Hence the true problem with Svengalimedia in the Internet Age: the niche topics it reports have a threatening mobility they never had before.


"It no longer matters whether Yacub 7 Ali is real. That a concept this dubious, racially terroristic and impossible to dismiss as implausible slipped into the mainstream for a lack of proper standards for admissability into the Internet vehicle of near unlimited propagation is what does.

"Our greatest concerns presently is the brainchild from which it emanated and those who may tiake its premise and be more ingeniously creative," John Hopkins of the American Institute of Genetic Research.

Presently we as well as the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the American Dermatological Association (ADA are innudated with concerns form citizens who fear black people can give them cancer."

"Jeuger Niglery was irresponsible in enabling this movement to become mobile."

It is my opinion, (Arthur Marshall) the supposed 'prophet' who, like Niglery has never been photographed and shuns interviews by the mainstream media is a terrorist.

As of last week, I coordinated an online effort to get Svengalimedia banned. The failure of such to happen is because, they "haven't broken any laws," according to a contact with Net Authority. But our team DID manage to get Svengalimedia added to their list of


Their writers are, in many cases, well respected independent journalists who, upon signing to write with Svengalimedia, sign a non disclosure agreement forbiding information about the publishers and company to be released.


Within this heirarchael design, is a team who I will identify as Svengalimedia spinners who are the sheets beneath their already very heavy blankets. Collins is one of these sheets whose goal is to move & sway the public again.


While I can confirm & identify several of these spinners like, Michael Jefferies, who cowardly goes by the pen name of Larry Collins (above), there are other Svengali spinners whose goal it is to keep you thinking Svengalimedia is a lie to influence the appeal of their urban legendry while simeoltaneously turning their niche ideas into your main ones - a marketing strategy Niglery has proven only he profits from.

Be part of the campaign to create appropriate standards for Internet content and join the effort to Shut SvengaliMedia Down!

Email me at: Arthur Marshall, Web detective

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