Monday, June 4, 2007

exposed: UnderCoverBlackman David Mills a Svengalimedia Provocateur

Arthur Marshall

Why would someone who purports to be 'on the side of blacks' not want Yacub 7 Ali to exist?
UCB, David Mills, is another of reclusive media vampire Jeuger Niglery's puppets.

I'm finding that Mills, is quite possible the first identifiable writer within Niglery's cirle of Spinster Writers; and, that he is a part of Niglery's strategy of pushing Svengalimedia & the new Negro Sun Worship religion of Yacub 7 Ali into the realm of Urban Mythology.

I have information noting Niglery and Yacub 7 have met several times over the last two years mapping this strategy and that David Mills is a contracted, key player in their propaganda and propagation.

That's right, the UCB and his efforts to make the Web public to believe Svengali & the Sun Worship movement are hoaxes are by design and; Mills is part of Niglery's plot.

With the Svengalimedia and Yacub 7 Ali sites having disappeared, it appears Mills has accomplished his role in Niglery's script.

Mills' role didn't go unchallenged. His most formidable opponent surfaced in dissident journalist Nicholas Stix voice.

IMO Stix, whose writings are not under the Niglery hand, is only tapping the Svengalimedia / Yacub 7 Ali surface .

Why was Mills chosen? The summary of Mills, by Stix, below answers that question.

I have to admit that I am amazed – though not in a good way – by Mills’ ability to make baseless, hysterical charges against people, and cause other people to jump at his command.

Now, if I were to act like David Mills and started throwing hunches against the wall like hot spaghetti, to see what will stick, I’d wonder whether a certain race-obsessed, biracial, two-time Emmy Award-winning TV writer with too much time on his hands might be creating a hoax, just so he could sell a script about it.

After all, aren’t Hollywood types always finding neo-Nazis and Klansmen under their beds?

Say, a pilot – he’s been trying to sell another one for years – about an independently wealthy Internet sleuth who spends his time uncovering hoaxes.

Call it, Web of Deceit, or some equally melodramatic pun.

Indeed, Mills' last three posts on Svengali & Yacub 7 were designed to sensationalize them and burn them into Internet's psyche as an unaswerable open-ended ended question.

Too, Mills may be in an agreement with Niglery to produce a script for a forecoming documentary I have become aware of.

Below, Stix addresses Mills comments.

Personally, I have never come across a white supremacist with this sort of literary talent. The Svengali sites have several different writers or at least authorial names, writing in several different styles and levels of literacy. If you check out sites like vnnforum or stormfront, you will find people of decidedly limited capacity.

Even without the inside information I've attained, Niglery's role for Mills becomes easy to see at times.

Mills only evidence to support his claim appears on as a subheader on an forum reading: Svengalimedia ... cynical humor ... more cynical than humorous.

A thorough investigation by Mills would have found the reference is only a definition of Trilby's Svengali character.

In Mills' new masthead for his Website, a fist balled, he appears as if celebrating black radicals from the 1960's.

Every black person I've spoken to and interviewed about the Yacub 7 Ali movement, while claiming not to know of it (REMEMBER: THEY ARE NOT SUPPOSE TO ACKNOWLEDGE IT PUBLICLY) fancy the idea. This brings to light the most obvious question: Why would someone who purports to be 'on the side of blacks' not want Yacub 7 Ali to exist?

At the cusp of the Yacub 7 Ali National Curfew for Whites and at a time when the general public needs to know the truth the most: blacks with the ability to redirect ultraviolet light walk among us, Mills has succesfully led the Lamb for the Slaughter leaving the public in a state of uncertainty.

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